What Is A Frozen Shoulder And What Are The Best Ways To Treat It?

If suddenly you have started realizing that your shoulder or arm is paining in moving or doing any other activity. Then there is a high possibility that you might have developed a frozen shoulder (ไหล่ ติด, which is the term in Thai). The symptoms of the frozen shoulder are not that clear at the start. As it usually starts with mild pain and discomfort in moving your hand. Though, these symptoms gradually worsen over time. Therefore, it is really important to monitor the performance of your hand.

Therefore, to avoid such severe complications with your shoulder in this post we will guide you with the easy ways with the help of which you can easily treat your frozen shoulder. And for that, it is vital to have the entire knowledge of the symptoms. 

What Are The Symptoms Of The Frozen Shoulder?

The frozen shoulder tends to develop slowly. But when categorized there are three stages of the development of the symptoms of the frozen shoulder. Below mentioned are the three stages of the frozen shoulder symptoms explained.

  • The first stage is known as the freezing stage. In this, your shoulder movements get restricted and the movement range is also limited in this stage. You might also feel a sharp pain in moving your arm.
  • The second stage is known as the frozen stage. In this stage the pain vanishes, what remains is the high level of stiffness in your shoulder. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to move it around.
  • This is the very last stage of the frozen shoulder and is known as swing. In this, the range and motions of your shoulder start improving and pain is also gone completely.

Treatment Of The Frozen Shoulder

Medical diagnosis is very important for a frozen shoulder. Still, there are some self-care tips that you can take to relieve the pain of a frozen shoulder. Various stretching exercises can help in improving the range and the motion of your arm. Along with it depending on the severity of your shoulder pain, your doctor might suggest some over-the-counter medicines and x-ray also. This will help in providing them with the clear intensity of the muscle stiffness.

Therefore, make sure not to ignore such conditions and visit your doctor as soon as possible for better treatment. This will also help you in speedy recovery.

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