Things To Keep In Mind About Eye-Bag Removal Surgery

There is no denying the fact that aging takes its toll on your appearance. In most people, the skin around the eyes shows the first signs of aging as it tends to become wrinkled. Moreover, the eyes start sagging and it is hard to overlook the bag-like structure that forms below the eyes. More and more people are going for eye-bag removal surgery, which involves the removal of fatty tissues underneath the eyes and smoothening of wrinkles around the eyes. Among the cosmetic procedures conducted to remove the signs of aging, the eye-bag removal surgery is one of the most popular options.

Facts to understand

With the surgery to reduce under-eye bags [ลด ถุง ใต้ ตา, which is the term in Thai], you can easily say goodbye to your fatigued and tired eyes and enhance the level of self-confidence. As far as the surgical procedure is concerned, the upper and the lower eyelids can be operated simultaneously. Generally, the surgery takes a couple of hours or a little more to complete and the incisions that the surgeons make during the procedure are so close to the eyelids that you can hardly notice them. Most people can go home after the surgery and no hospitalization may be required and the side effects stay for a short duration. However, the surgeon may ask you to avoid applying makeup on the eyes for a week and stop using contact lenses for about two to three weeks.

Get long-term results

One of the reasons to undergo eye-bag removal surgery is that it gives long-term results. Once you undergo this surgery, you hardly need to go for some other surgical procedure as the effects can stay for a decade. All you need is to maintain a healthy diet regime and exercise regularly to augment the outcome of eye-bag removal surgery. Remember that every single patient undergoes a different treatment procedure, so talk to the surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

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