Simple Home Remedies to Treat Hand and Finger Pain

Hand and finger are common issues faced by people of all ages. It happens when some excessive pressure is put on the hand. If the pressure is continued for a longer period of time, then it can be severe. Hence you should always take care of your precious hand of yours. Since it is not a chronic injury, it has the possibility of healing with proper care. One should look for all the symptoms before jumping to any conclusion. [KDMS]. If the injury or the pain is mild, simple home remedies can cure it.

Tips for Joint Pain Injury

You can easily treat any pain and swelling at the joint of the finger with home remedies.

    • Applying ice on every alternative day will help to ease the pain. It will also make the stiffness of the finger go away.
    • Using some ointment or any pain relievers will reduce the swelling and the bruise.

The ultimate solution for the pain in the joint is resting. Putting continuous pressure on the same area will make it worse. Hence you should follow the simple home remedial steps to make it better.

Follow the Rice Protocol

The rice protocol is a very famous home remedy treatment. The doctors often suggest it for some mild and minor pain. It involves some simple procedures through which the soft tissue of the palm can heal. It involves resting for a long time until and unless it is completely free from pain. The second step involves putting some ice for about 20minutes on the area. The third step is to avoid the spreading of the swelling by wearing a compressional band. The ultimate step is to keep the hands in an elevated position to avoid the injury the increase.

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