How to Select the Best Phenotype of Your Beloved Strain?

Typically, all the cannabis growers – small-scale ones and large-scale legal cultivation ones pick a strain based on its aroma, tastes and effects.

When it comes to small-scale growers, the size of the plant can also have a great impact on the decision. Similarly, even the length of the flowering stage, genetic stability and resistance to pests and fungal infection are a few other key points that growers consider.

Even though picking bulk cherry pie seeds or other strains is totally subjective but, some people tend to choose strains based on the best phenotype. If you are one of those, then here is your guide.

1- Aroma: Every person experiences a different emotional turmoil with cannabis’s scent. Some may feel ecstatic, while others may not like the smell at all.

And feeling such a way is totally normal. For instance, it isn’t necessary that everyone will enjoy a limonene-dominated terpene profile.

This means, if you come across a particular strain that is capable of making you feel on cloud nine, then make sure to keep that strain.

2- Taste: Similar is the situation with tastes. If you come across a strain that tastes better when smoking or vaping, then don’t think twice to keep a cutting of the same for yourself.

Even if your friends discourage you from doing so, remember that you are the master of your decisions. Just how no two people enjoy a particular food, the same is the situation with cannabis.

And just because your friends don’t like a particular strain doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it either.

3- Effects: The genetics of cannabis phenotype can differ largely even within a similar genetic line-up. This can be due to the cannabinoid profile and the user’s biochemical composition.

And since everyone’s biological conception varies, it is best to trust your own experience.

If you have found a strain that tastes best and relaxes your mind and soul, then without a doubt, keep it!

4- Size: Typically, a cannabis cultivator who is growing for personal use may want a plant that grows 2.3-2.5 m high.

A professional grower prioritizing the yield per square meter may want to consider the size of the plant as per the available space for better yields.

Signing off
Now that you know how to select the best phenotype of your favorite strain, it is time to connect with United Strains of America to purchase bulk cherry pie seeds or other strains at wholesale price.

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