An introduction to Harlequin strain

The wedding world has evolved and offers you a diverse range of crops to suit your cerebral level. Harlequin strain is a hybrid strain with high CBD content. What contributes to its popularity is it possesses medical and recreational properties. Let’s have a short review on the strain.

What is the origin of the strain?

It is a sativa strain derived from Colombian Gold, Thai, and landrace Sativas, and Nepali Indica. This rare combination is guaranteed to take you to high.

Aroma and fragrance

 The fragrance of the strain is citrus, earthy, sensual. Initially, you might get a fragrance of wood and soil, but then you might notice the vanilla smell that lingers in your room. The flavor of the strain is earthy, woody, spicy. Its herbal flavor with pine notes will instantly hit your nose.


 The buds appear round, dense and it looks green in color with orange hairs spread around it in the background.


The strain is the best option to grow if you don’t witness persistent climatic changes. If you want to grow it outside, warm climatic conditions with moderate humidity levels should be there. The plant is low in maintenance and resistant to mold and pests. Ensure that you keep a tab on its humidity level. It should be less than 65% during the vegetative stage and lower when the plant is ready to harvest. You should maintain RH at 30-40%. When the strain is grown outdoors, it produces a yield of 21 ounces. If it is grown indoors, the yield is 25 ounces per meter. You can improve the yield by using the methods like low-stress training or high-stress techniques. Using the right techniques and processes exposes your plant to enough light and airflow, which will help in its growth.

The flowering time for the strain is 8-9 weeks. However, if you aim to grow the plant with high CBD content, it is better to harvest earlier.

THC Content and CBD content

There is a wide range of phenotypes available. You can find the strain with 7% THC as well as 15%. Just like THC, CBD contents also vary; it may range between 10-15.

What are its effects?

The effects are intense, and it is uplifting. It makes you feel happy. You can even consume it in the daytime to feel better. Some users feel creative after consuming. It is a sociable strain that injects confidence within you during business meetings and gatherings. It has various medical properties also that contribute to its popularity. It is a pain reliever prescribed to individuals suffering from muscle spasms, joint pain, headaches, migraines, etc. It has anti-inflammation properties.


 If you are a novice marijuana consumer, it is the best option. You can even plant it in your home by buying seeds from the Seed Supreme store. It has its seed bank where you can find a collection of top-notch seeds. They ship across the US.

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