Everything You Should Know about Carnation Absolute Essential Oil

Carnation absolute essential oil is a thick fluid with a rich, nectar sweet, fiery, and botanical herbaceous fragrance. It is acquired from the blossoms by the interaction known as the solvent extraction technique. For the most part, as rose total, carnation essential oil transforms into a solid when kept at room temperature. Consequently, it will be necessary to warm it up before utilizing it. You can mix it with clary sage, coriander, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, rose, and ylang-ylang oils. 

Carnation or Dianthus caryophyllus, having a place with the Caryophyllaceae family, is a lasting herbaceous plant that grows up to 80 cm tall (32 inches). It has grayish-green or blue-green glaucous leaves and pleasantly scented blossoms, around 3 to 5 cm in size (width), and they either grow independently or in a pack. 

Carnation in History 

The blossoms have been customarily utilized in tonic cordials for treating fevers. Additionally, carnation plants have been fermented into teas that might assist with mitigating weariness and fatigue. 

Carnation Essential Oil Uses  

Fragrant Healing 

In aromatherapy, the carnation essential oil is valuable to uplift your mood and motivate you so you can finish your plan in time. It is rumored to help individuals move on, build up speed in moving ahead, and trigger a sensation of quickness and readiness. Utilization of this oil actuates an overall sensation of well being and joy, decreases worries, advances exotic nature, lifts your mood, and eliminates aloofness. 

Culinary Uses 

The blooming petals of a carnation have a strong smell, like that of cloves. The petals are regularly candied, utilized for seasoning and flavoring fruits and salads, garnishing mixed-greens, and more similar purposes.

Cosmetics and Industrial Uses

Carnation total is broadly utilized in the formation of a few fragrant items. It has a strong, fragrant natural aroma, which goes on for quite a while. Therefore, carnation essential oil makes a vital ingredient in cleansers, room fresheners, potpourris, and candles. 

The essential oils removed from carnation flowers are widely utilized in perfumery. An expected 500 kg of these flowers yields just around 100 grams of essential oil. Indeed, even the blossom heads of carnation are dried out and utilized in scented sachets, blends, and different cosmetic products. 

Massage Oil 

It is likewise broadly utilized as a back rub or massage oil. It has been used to advance healing of the skin and expand vitality that refreshes and rejuvenates the skin, leaving behind a fragrance that many find mitigating and calming. 

Advantages of Carnation Essential Oil 

Skin Benefits

Carnation essential oil helps in skin conditions and might likewise assist with improving and tone up your skin. It is able to fix a few issues identified with the tissues because of its refreshing, regenerating, and moisturizing qualities. It supports the skin and weakens wrinkles, helps treat eczema, fills in as a skin conditioner, lessens rashes, and helps rosacea or persistent acne. 

Stimulates Vitality and Energy 

Carnation absolute oil is uncommon for individuals who feel heaviness in the body without support or motivation. When utilizing this oil with a diffuser, the impacts are practically quick since it creates high vibration impulses that help us face vitalities and optimism, meanwhile eluding negative thoughts and sentiments. 

Strengthens Memory 

For quite a long time, it has been utilized in Ayurvedic medication, where it is credited to offer improvement to those individuals who experience the ill effects of memory loss. 

Natural Purifier 

Carnation oil cleanses the body from inside to out. It expands the metabolic rate, purifies the blood, and builds its protection from infections. 

Heals and Disinfects Wounds 

On account of its antiseptic properties, it is valuable in the healing of the skin if there arises an occurrence of cuts, irritation, itching, athlete’s foot, mosquito bites, fungal infection, and more.  


Notwithstanding its various helpful properties, utilize carnation essential oil meticulously, precisely in a blend with a carrier oil. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should check with their doctor or obstetrician before utilizing it. Try not to utilize undiluted form for skin application, and keep away from children and pets. Lastly, buy it from a reputed source like Young Living. It has a wide array of pure-grade essential oils options that you can choose from. 

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