What Should You Check Before Getting Breast Enlargement Surgery?

We are happy that you are taking such an important decision to go under the knife and get a body that you always desired. However, things are not that simple with the breast size enlarge ment surgery (ทำนม โคราช, which is the term in Thai). It is a big decision to make alterations to your body; you must consider few things before proceeding with surgery. 

Firstly, you should start by thinking about why you want breast implant surgery in the first place. There could be several reasons behind one decision of altering your body. So, to make your surgery process go smooth, we have listed few things that you must know before getting under the knife. 

Here are the things you have to check before going for breast surgery in “Khorat” (ทำหน้าอก โคราช, term in Thai).

List Of Considerations 

  • Does Your Insurance Cover The Cost Of Surgery

The insurance companies do not consider breast enlargement surgery as a necessary medical procedure. Therefore, they won’t cover the cost of all the procedures. The only time the breast implants are covered by the insurances is when you undergo mastectomy. Besides, there is no say whether your insurance company will cover the cost of breast size enlargement surgery.

  • Beware Of Advertisement That Includes “Less-Invasive” Procedures

The internet is filled with the advertisement of procedure that offers breast enlargement with minimum invasive treatment. Traditional breast enlargement surgery does not offer such advertisements. However, compared to a less invasive method like fat grafting the traditional surgery offer greater results. Most of the time, it becomes hard for people to predict the change after fat grafting. 

  • Discuss The Procedure With A Doctor

Breast augmentation surgery mostly uses four types of incision that you must be aware of, namely- transaxillary, inflammatory, areolar, and trans-umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA). Ask your surgeon which incision he/she is going to use in your case. Make sure to discuss each incision in detail. 

Before the breast size enlarge ment surgery, you must discuss the procedure with your doctor thoroughly. Do not shy away from asking difficult questions such as complications in your case or about side effects. The doctor consultation helps you prepare better for the surgery. So, do not avoid meeting with your doctor before starting a procedure. 

  • Check The Surgeon Credentials 

People now a day find their doctor and surgeon via social media. Since we are living in the age of the internet, you can go on research about your surgeon on the internet. Check if he/she got that online presence on the internet. Before you say yes to breast surgery in “Khorat,” check the reviews, testimonials, and credentials of your surgeon. 

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