What do you mean by oncology, and what are its types?

The branch of medical science that deals with cancer is referred to as oncology. It includes researching the kinds of cancers, identifying the type, and then treating it with the best possible medications.

The doctors and physicians concerned with cancer treatment and research facilities are known as oncologists. There are great cancer hospitals in Noida you can refer to such as Zeeva Oncology.

The first step is to diagnose the patient using various screenings and tests such as biopsy, ultrasound, MRI, endoscopy, X-ray, CT scanning, PET scanning, or other radiological methods.

Many doctors even advise going for nuclear medicine to diagnose cancer in the patient.

The next step is to understand and move towards the best treatment according to the type of cancer. There are numerous types of treatment available for cancer patients which can help people to get a cure for them.

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Types of Oncologists

There are different types of oncologists depending on the kind, stage, nature, and placement of the tumor cells in the patient’s body.

The department of oncology is divided into three main types or divisions. These are as follows:

Medical Oncologist


As the name suggests, physicians of medical oncologists believe in treating tumor cells using medications and drugs, which mainly comprise chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies.

The medical oncologist dealing with the patient is responsible for all the treatments and medications provided to the patient. He takes in-depth guidance and assistance from the other health departments.

The medical oncologist is the main one in charge of the patient’s pre and posts treatment of the patient.

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Surgical Oncologist

Surgical oncologists mainly deal with removing cancerous tumor cells through surgery. The surgeon responsible for the surgery of the patient is known as the Surgical Oncologist.

These surgeons are specialists in their field and expertise through the training and education they went through in their initial days.

They are knowledgeable and specialized surgeons performing various types of screening and biopsies and helping cure cancer.

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Radiation Oncologist

Another type of treatment that a patient can be advised of is going for radiation therapy. The doctors using radiation therapy are known as radiation therapy.

In radiation therapy, the patient is provided with high-energy X-rays to kill and eliminate these tumorous cells.

Many studies and analyses have shown that few cancer cells cannot be eradicated.

Thus, with the help of radiation therapy, the doctors try to minimize the size of the cells of the cancer patients.

The depreciation in the tumor size is effective as it takes time to grow without disturbing the connected tissues of the body. The therapy can control the widening and spread of the tumor without affecting the other parts of the body. It is commonly called palliative therapy.

In radiation therapy, the oncologist also prevails another method known as brachytherapy to cure the cancer cells of the patients. Brachytherapy deals with directly implanting radioactive sources into or next to the affected cancerous tumors.

Different types of cancer are dealt with in a significant way; these radioactive sources can be adjusted in the body both temporarily and permanently.

Other Subspecialties


Apart from the above-discussed three main types of oncologists, a few other sub-specialists deal with various cancerous tumors. These are a few of them to be noted:

Gynecologic Oncologist


The oncologist who specializes in dealing with the treatment of cancerous cells related to the female reproductive system is known as Gynecologic oncologists.

The gynecologic oncologist is mainly concerned with ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and many more.

They are well-practiced and trained doctors who mainly operate in this department and have immense knowledge and experience with these types of cancers.

Pediatric Oncologist


Some pediatric oncologists majorly focus on the treatment of cancerous tumors in children.

Many children get cancers at a very early stage of their life, including brain tumors, osteosarcoma, leukemia, and Ewing’s sarcoma.

The Pediatric oncologist provides the best health care facilities to them to get the cure at its earliest.



Another sub-specialist of oncologists is the Hematologist oncologist, who mainly focuses on treating blood-related cancers.

The blood cancers comprise leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.



Neuro-oncologists are specialized oncologists concerned with the treatment of cancers that are related to the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.

If a person is dealing with issues related to their nervous system, they must visit and go for regular check-ups and diagnoses about the presence of any tumor cells.

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