Obtain Greater Levels Of Safety From Infections Using UVGI System

The use of upscale and modern devices to fight germs and bacteria and keeping an area safe has always been a major concern. Various fungi, viruses, bacteria, and so on happen to grow and multiply rapidly in the air conditioning or ventilation systems. And then, these germs are spread all over the building through air-conditioning ducts. Due to this, the environment of the building becomes unhealthy and infectious and often we do not even realize that. Under such circumstances, the UVGI system (ระบบ uvgi, which is the term in Thai) becomes an utmost necessity. 

What Is The Role Of A UVGI System?

In open spaces including schools, hospitals, commercial spaces, and so on, the spread of bacteria and viruses is very rapid and it is very essential to control that. Therefore a system like the Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), controlling the spread of these germs very efficiently. This system features electromagnetic radiations which play a key role in disinfecting the environment by killing microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mold. The system uses ultraviolet light with a short wavelength to kill the microorganisms or render them inactive.

As this is a non-chemical process of disinfecting, there are no by-products left and therefore, it is one of the most well-accepted methods of disinfecting the air. Thus, these systems are widely used in air purification and they are among the most popularly growing solutions for industries. 

How Does A UVGI System Function?

The system is capable of producing high-energy radiations with the help of short-wavelength UVC light. These high-energy radiations are absorbed by the cellular RNA and DNA of the microorganisms and it severely damages the nucleic acids present in them. This helps in preventing the microorganisms from reproducing and spreading the infection. When the radiation is absorbed in the DNA and RNA, the molecular structure of the microorganisms gets damaged which in turn renders them inactive. 

One more thing that should be noted is that the inactivation level of the microorganisms is directly proportional to the UV-C radiation. Moreover, the level also depends on how strong the dosage is, the intensity of it, and the duration of the exposure. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of UVGI System?

  • The UVGI system is capable of eliminating the risk of the spread of airborne bacterial or viral infections by up to 99.9%.
  • These systems can help majorly in boosting productivity as the number of people absent from work due to illness will be reduced. 
  • The system helps maintain system efficiency which in the long run is a major cost-saving factor. 
  • Improving the indoor air quality becomes a lot easier with the help of these systems as it disinfects and purifies the air.
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