How to Nurture Female Cannabis Plants?

So you have finally purchased a top-shelf wholesale Afghan Feminized clone and are now worried about how to nurture her properly?

Well, then you are at the right place.

Below provided are some expert tips to grow cannabis from clones and yield better quality buds at the end of the season.

1- Nurture the plant

Female cannabis plants require correct initial care to live a long and fruitful life. Start by offering your female clone plenty of water until she clearly begins to sprout new growth.

Once you notice new growth, start feeding her half-strength or quarter-strength vegetative nutrients for a few weeks. You can gradually increase the feeding strength as the plant matures.

2- Offer her best lights

To let the female leave for longer, you will require keeping her in a vegetative state for longer. So, make sure you offer your clone more than 12 hours of light every 24 hours.

To maximize the clones, you can keep the plant in an 18/6 day/night regime. For slowing the growth down, adjust it to a 14/8 day/night cycle.

Opt for blue spectrum light because it mimics natural daylight in spring – this is when the plants are undergoing a vegetative state.

3- Provider proper nutrients

Your mature clone needs sufficient nutrients to stay healthy and alive. You can later optimize the nutrient ratio to favor abundant branching and vegetative growth.

Nitrogen is vital for vegetative growth, along with calcium to maintain hormonal balance and magnesium to facilitate the production of sugars and photosynthesis.

4- Maintain the auxin/cytokinin balance

Auxin and cytokinin are plant hormones that work in unison to enhance root and branch development.

The balance between both is necessary because a higher ratio of cytokinin to auxin encourages lateral branching and a higher ratio of auxin to cytokinin encourages upward growth while restricting lateral branching.

5- Opt for selective pruning

Your way of pruning can determine at which rate the clone will produce fresh shoots, resulting in becoming new clones.

It is best to prune the clone regularly and be selective of how you approach the task to end up producing a maximum number of healthy and vigorous new branches.

Let the clone grow short and bushy instead of tall and spindly.

Signing off

Following these five easy steps will help you to grow your wholesale Afghan Feminized clone into a resin-rich, highly potent cannabis plant by the end of the season. contact United Strains of America.

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