How long does it take to recover from LASIK?

Laser eye surgery generally has a high success rate and is considered the safest elective surgery in the world today. Although laser eye surgery is not harmful in itself, as with other surgeries, you should be aware of some associated risks, although they are very unlikely to occur.

The average complication rate in many cities clinics is 5%, but some have high complication rates so it is necessary to investigate and contact the clinic. Complications do not mean that the surgery was unsuccessful, it is important to know that some complications are temporary and can cause discomfort. It is wise to understand the recovery process, including how long it will take before having LASIK surgery. In this post, vision experts at Lasik Surgeon Los Angeles Eye confirmed the LASIK recovery timeline.


LASIK eye surgery recovery process

The immediate recovery period for LASIK is usually 6 to 12 hours, but varies from patient to patient and depends on several factors. Most patients see clearly within 24 hours of vision correction surgery, but others take 2-5 days to recover. Some patients may have blurred vision and fluctuating vision for several weeks after LASIK.

Immediately after LASIK eye surgery, all patients in Los Angeles have blurry eyes. It usually lasts up to 3-4 hours. Therefore, you cannot go home directly under the program. Avoid watching or reading television which can hurt your eyes.

The day after surgery, you will return to our office to see your LASIK surgeon, who will check your vision and assess your recovery. Most patients were able to return to work or school after this visit, but every patient is different. Instruct all patients to use antibiotics and steroid eye drops for approximately 1 week after surgery.

Recovery from LASIK is an ongoing process, but you will soon find that your vision improves dramatically. Full recovery varies from patient to patient and may take 3-6 months for vision to fully stabilize. During this time, your LASIK surgeon will see you regularly to check your eyesight.


General Recovery Instructions

We recommend following the Lasik Surgeon Los Angeles Eye instructions below to make your recovery as quick and comfortable as possible.

  • Wear protective eyewear as recommended by your surgeon.
  • Do not apply pressure to your eyes for 4 days after surgery.
  • Avoid swimming for a week after surgery.
  • Avoid strenuous activities (such as contact sports) for at least 2 weeks after surgery.
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