Hifu facelift aftercare- What you should do before and afterwards?

HIFU provides the best option for people who have dry, rough, or aging skin. A hifu-skin treatment can improve the skin’s texture and soften it.

A hifu facial treatment is 無針埋線 painless. It can rejuvenate the skin from within. Although the process appears simple and straightforward it is important to understand as much as possible about how your skin will heal after the session. This is also known as the aftercare.

What aftercare is important for hifu facelift treatments?

It’s no surprise that aftercare is a major concern for skin and beauty professionals when it comes to aesthetic treatments. However, if left untreated, hyperpigmentation or other complications can result.

In addition to your aftercare, it’s important that you follow a good skin care routine to keep your skin clean and healthy, and protect it from any external damage.

Proper aftercare can:

  • Reduce the risk for complications
  • Enhance and prolong the effectiveness of your results
  • Minimal risk of losing time, money, efforts, and/or effort

In a nutshell the aftercare procedures are just as important as the main treatment. Here are some tips to help you prepare before your hifu treatment.

Hifu aftercare checklist

Clients who have had hifu treatments for skin must be able to properly care for themselves after the treatment. This will ensure that there are no side effects or complications.

This is important because it will improve your chances of success. Let’s have a quick look at the important things that clients who have had hifu have to adhere to.

This is true if they are looking to make the most of the treatment that they have received.

1. Avoid the sun

  • After the hifu 效果 skin treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight and extreme cold for a few week.
  • The reason for this is that the sun’s rays can cause skin pigmentation and sunburn.
  • Sunblock cream is also recommended to help protect skin from UV radiation.
  • This should continue until the skin-tightening process is complete.

2. Take a break from alcohol

  • Stop causing liver damage. After treatment, alcohol consumption should be stopped.
  • Alcohol causes your liver to do additional work. After the treatment, your liver will be responsible to break down the deactivated oil.
  • Consuming alcohol means that the liver will now have to break down both the active and inactive fat.
  • You may not only have a weakened liver, but alcohol also has a negative effect on the blood’s density.

3. You shouldn’t scratch your skin

  • Even though it might be sweet to scratch the body when itching is intense, it is important not to rub your skin after a treatment.
  • Your skin may become very sensitive during this time. Scratching it can cause serious skin damage.
  • You are advised to let scars naturally fall if there are any.
  • The possibility of infection can result from trying to remove them.
  • After your treatment is completed, do not rub your skin.

4. Drink more water

  • Water is the essence of life. Water should be your preferred drink after the hifu process.
  • Water must always be the first thing you drink before any other beverages.
  • Water can also assist in your recovery because it increases the rate at which collagen gets produced in the body.
  • It is in your best interests to keep your body hydrated. So drink as much of it as you can.
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