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Choosing Between a Family Medicine Doctor and an Internal Medicine Doctor |  Beaumont HealthEmergency Medicine Doctors work with patients who have urgent medical needs. They treat a range of conditions, from broken bones to heart attacks, often in emergency rooms. They may also work as primary care providers in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Emergency medicine doctors like Dr Michael Hilton New York are trained to handle both acute situations and life-threatening emergencies.


Emergency medicine doctor on site 24/7 to see patients with minor illnesses and injuries. Emergency medicine doctors provide acute, episodic and routine medical care to patients of all ages who are experiencing a variety of acute illnesses or injuries. They diagnose and treat acute illnesses, while working to stabilize a patient’s condition within the first hour of onset.


Providing Treatment to Patients 24/7 


The doctor provides fulltime emergency medicine services. He is experienced in a wide variety of physical complaints, and has good bedside manners. The EMR (Emergency Medicine Physician) is a physician trained in the management of acute medical and surgical illnesses and injuries, as well as providing continuing care for patients outside of the hospital. They are responsible for determining which patients should receive further testing and treatment in the Emergency Department, or who may go home from the Emergency Department with follow-up care. The EMR must possess excellent clinical skills and judgment regarding airways, trauma, toxicology, anaphylaxis and cardiac arrest.


An emergency medicine doctor like Dr Michael Hilton New York is a physician who delivers immediate hands-on care to patients in the emergency department of a hospital. An emergency medicine doctor (EMD) is a physician that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic illness. AEDs are stationed at strategic public locations throughout the country, ready to respond 24 hours-a-day to any cardiac arrest.


Emergency medicine doctors are experts in the field of urgent care. They work in many different settings, including hospitals and clinics. Their primary role is to provide patients with immediate medical care when they require urgent medical attention. Emergency medicine doctors treat patients who suffer from trauma, heart attacks, fever, or common infections. After stabilizing the patient’s condition, these doctors may refer them to an oncologist for cancer treatment or a cardiologist for heart disease treatment.


A Doctor Specializing in Emergency Medicine 


Emergency medicine doctors are responsible for providing immediate care to patients who are injured or ill. They are board-certified and fellowship-trained in Emergency Medicine. Worked at multiple hospitals. Internationally published author for medical journals.


The Emergency Medicine Physician is responsible for managing patients in the emergency room, as well as planning care, performing procedures and diagnosing disease.  A successful candidate will possess outstanding interpersonal skills, critical-thinking abilities, manual dexterity and organizational skills.


As an emergency medicine doctor, you’re on the front lines of health care. You’ll be asked to assess and treat patients of all ages and levels of illness, with patients arriving in a range of emergencies including trauma, cardiac arrest, childbirth and psychiatric emergencies. The hours can be long, but staying up-to-date on the latest research will help you provide the best possible care for your patients. 


The best doctors are those who are thoughtful, compassionate, and know a lot. They will give you the best care possible and make sure you receive the right treatment for your ailment, whether it be an ear infection or a broken arm, he is here to help!

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