A Beginners Guide To Dual Diagnosis 

Today, one of the most severe threats that the world faces is drug abuse. Since there is a perpetually increasing level of stress in individuals, those who cannot bear with stress choose drugs as their escape from the skulduggery of this world. However, running away is not a solution and this way, they only increase their problems. 

The youth of the world which is the tomorrow is the most embroiled in such drug addictions. Drugs are baneful in every aspect. They break families and take lives, but the individual is ready to barter all these things with a sense of euphoria even if it is temporal and momentary. Drug abuse must be kept at check-in at all possibilities.

Just like other anomalies, drug abuse is curable if the right medical supervision is administered to the individual. if you or your loved one is suffering from drug abuse and you are searching for drug rehabilitation in Los Angeles, then your search ends at the concise recovery centre. They offer the best services for dual diagnosis in Los Angeles

They are passionate about getting the maximum number of people from drug addiction. Their team of experienced experts ensures that their client recovers to the best ability and starts to live a life of sobriety and wellness. They fill the lives of their clients with self-confidence and self-esteem which the drug addicts often lack. 

Their tailored approach towards getting rid of drug abuse is always different depending on the patient. They incorporate a holistic strategy to cater for the different needs of individuals. At their rehabilitation centre, the patients receive the required personal attention which is required to treat them in the best possible manner. 

Introduction to dual diagnosis

It is also referred to as co-occurring disorder. In this, the person is diagnosed with two issues one, substance use disorder and two, mental health disorder. It is very difficult to determine, which came first in the individual as they often coalesce in their symptoms and effect on the individual. 

According to estimation, nearly 50% of those diagnosed with serious mental health anomalies are also suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. An individual is diagnosed with substance abuse when it becomes impossible for him to control his use of illegal or even legal drugs or alcohol. The problems may be reflected in multiple facets of life. 

A person with a dual diagnosis may face issues at creating and maintaining a nurturing relationship, may face family problems, may not perform well at the job, may perform sub-par at school or college, may face issues in focussing and other health issues. This is a form of mental health issue that must be addressed and cured at the right time. 


If the symptoms of dual diagnosis are ignored, then it may lead to fatal and deleterious consequences not only for the addict but for his family and his loved ones. It is best not to take risks and get the supervision of a medical expert at even the slightest suspicion of drug abuse. 


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