10 Best Exercises for Weight Loss Today

Regular exercise is good for your health and maintaining a moderate weight. Weight loss occurs when a person increases physical activities, thus burning calories. The amount of exercise needed for body weight depends on training intensity and weight loss goals. Exercises also help to improve moods, reduce chances of chronic ailments, and strengthen bones.

Common Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

Weight Training

This exercise is a good choice for weight loss. Harvard Health estimates that 155 –pound person can burn 112 calories per half an hour of weight training. It also helps to raise the resting metabolic rate. This is helpful since the body will still lose some calories after a workout.


Running is one of the best weight-loss exercises that one can do anywhere. It is also easy to incorporate it into your daily schedules. When running, the heart works harder, which leads to the body burning fat stored in fat cells. Weight reduction is not instant. It requires regular exercise for several weeks.


This exercise not only helps in weight loss but also improves body fitness. Most people cycle outdoors, but there are stationary bikes in gyms and fitness centers for the same. Experts estimate that a person weighing 70kgs burns 260 calories per 30 minutes cycling a stationary bike. Any person can go cycling, since it doesn’t exert much stress on the joints.


The benefits of walking are similar to running, although it’s a low-intensity exercise. People who walk for longer distances daily lose a lot of calories, which leads to weight loss. Check a personal trainer at https://www.chrisprotein.com/ to get advice on other ways of losing weight at home.


Kickboxing is an effective way to burn calories and reduce stress. The driving power of your legs, arms, hooks, and crosses makes this exercise a full-body workout. This, in turn, helps to burn calories and reduces weight. It also helps to maintain balance and coordination.


Swimming is an enjoyable method of weight loss and body fitness. In an estimate, a 70kg person burns approximately 233 calories per thirty minutes of swimming. Frequent swimming improves flexibility and reduces the chance of heart ailments. Any person can enjoy weight loss through swimming, since it’s easier on joints.


Yoga is one of the best exercises to lose weight and reduce stress. Most people do not take yoga as a weight-loss exercise, but it burns many calories and offers health benefits to lose weight. If you practice yoga for 90-minute sessions weekly, you will note a drop in your weight. Yoga also teaches mindfulness, which helps control overeating and consuming unhealthy meals, leading to weight loss.

Jumping Rope

Rope jumping is a calorie-burning workout. It can burn up to 318 calories for a woman weighing 140 pounds. This exercise is a whole-body workout that helps in weight loss, improving cardiovascular health and coordination. Experts suggest you start lower at 20-30 second bursts and increase your speed and duration for effective weight loss.

Interval Training

Also known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), interval training is an effective way of burning calories. These workouts last for a short time, such as 10-20 minutes. Research shows that HIIT can burn belly fat, which may put you at risk of heart diseases.


The rowing machine helps in cardio and strength building. Working out your arms, back, glutes and hamstrings leads to sweating and, consequently, weight reduction. It also works on the heart, lungs, hips, and shoulders.

The above exercises are good for burning calories. However, it’s advisable to choose an activity you like since you’ll stick with it for a long time till you see the results.

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